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Joe Buck tells "Off The Board" about the time a fan broke into his dad's hotel room to leave him an angry note.

By Jimmy Traina
January 17, 2018

FOX Sports play-by-play man Joe Buck joined the latest episode of "Off The Board" hosted by Jimmy Traina.

Buck broke down what was going through his head while making the call on Stefon Diggs’ stunning touchdown last Sunday, saying, “I’ve never seen anything like it," and “It was a level of noise I’ve never heard inside a stadium.”

In addition, Buck talked about the claims from baseball fans that he roots for the Cardinals is biased against other teams. This led to Buck revealing a never-told-before story about his dad, Jack.

"My dad got that. He did two years with [Tim] McCarver in ’90 and ’91. And he came back to his hotel room one night in Pittsburgh after a game with the Pirates, and my mom and dad walk into their hotel room and there was a footprint in the middle of their pillow on the bed and there was a note which that said, 'Stop rooting for Atlanta.' It was some Pirates fan that thought he was biased against Pittsburgh."

Did anyone ever catch the person who broke into his father's hotel room?

“No, because it was the same night that Bobby Vinton sang the national anthem, a Pittsburgh guy and he screwed it all up and my dad said, “When you’re Polish and you live in Pittsburgh you can sing the anthem any way you want and they’ll still love it.” And, so, my dad was like, “They were just mad about the Bobby Vinton thing.”

Other topics discussed by Buck on the podcast:

​• Does he ever get nervous or butterflies before calling a big game?

• His philosophy on not saying too much during a big call. (“Overtalking is death.”)

• Whether he's ever confronted by people who don't like him.

• His biggest on-air mistake he’s made. ("I asked Tony Womack when he was down on the field and I was interviewing him from the booth, if the women he just hugged was his mom and he stopped and he said, ‘No man, this is my wife.’ And I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I just called this poor guy’s wife his mom.’ That was not a good moment.”)

• Becoming a recurring guest on The Howard Stern Show.

• Hanging out with Larry David at Erin Andrews' wedding.

• Why Twitter is not healthy for him.

In addition to Buck, this edition of Off The Board also features an interview with Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph, who talks about Sunday's shocking win over the Saints, what he was thinking during Diggs' touchdown, what it would be like to play a Super Bowl in his home stadium and more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

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