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1. The NHL announced last night that Kid Rock would be performing at its All-Star Game this year. Given that Rock is 1) Irrelevant the music world these days and 2) A Donald Trump supporter, Twitter was aghast. So, Twitter was being Twitter, basically. There were many amusing tweets, but we need to call out one in particular. How about legit die-hard NHL fan, and former WWE superstar, CM Punk using a GIF of himself to give his reaction to the news? Is that allowed? Should that be a no-no? Or is it wise use of the GIF option?

As for other reactions, here is a sampling of some of the best: 

My two cents: There is nothing more useless in all sports than an All-Star game. It doesn't count. It's meaningless. I don't think anybody should get worked up over anything that has to do with any All-Star game ever. Having said that, why punish people by subjecting them to Kid Rock? How does this help you bring one extra viewer to the TV? Why would you not pick a current artist?

For most people, this tweet pretty much sums this entire situation.

2. You have to see the reaction of Vikings' defensive end, Everson Griffen, to Stefon Diggs' crazy touchdown.

3. J.J. Watt is a 6-foot-5, 290 pound football player making $100 million. But none of that helps when its snows and he has to clean off a car and he doesn't have an ice scraper. That happened to the Texans star yesterday and he had to resort to using a gift card. 

4. WWE superstar Seth Rollins has big bone to pick with Chipotle.

5. The New York Posthas an amusing feature story on the person behind the @BortlesFacts Twitter account, which has picked up a lot of steam the past couple of weeks.

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6. Shaq filmed himself driving on icy roads in Georgia and you have to wait for the payoff.

7. Anna Kendrick is a great follow on Twitter. She showed why again yesterday.

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BONUS ITEM: Betty White recently said vodka and hot dogs are the secret to her longevity. Today is her 96th birthday. Enjoy a few Grey Goose's in her honor.