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1. We are officially in the dead zone when it comes to sports. Yes, LeBron gave us a very entertaining Sunday afternoon, but the slow period is here so I'm going to stare a tremendous story from the weekend that has nothing to do with sports. 

Twitter user Duncan Robb thought he bought a pair of tickets to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert as a Christmas present for his girlfriend. The tickets arrived and all was well until two days before the show when his girlfriend tried to look up the opening act for the concert. She discovered that there was no Chili Peppers concert scheduled for the date and venue. It turns out Duncan bought tickets for the Red Hot Chili Pipers -- "the world's best bagpipes band."

Have you ever bought the wrong tickets for a sporting event? If so, hit me up on Twitter and I'll post some of the best stories in tomorrow's Traina Thoughts.

2. If you missed it on Saturday, ESPN's Jay Williams pulled off the coolest shot imaginable.

3. Billy Hurley III has a future in politics based on this attack ad against Jordan Spieth.

4. Spring training is here and that means everyday you will be inundated with stories about players who are in "the best shape of his life." NBC Sports got the ball rolling today.

5. A lot of people had the same thought after the latest photo of Sammy Sosa hit social media.

6. Huge media news from my colleague, Richard Deitsch.

7.RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: I'm going to bring this back while we're in the slow season. I was amazed by how many people actually asked me where this feature had gone after I stopped doing it several weeks ago. Any, Valentine's Day is on Wednesday, so let's remember how The Big Show made his very cool WWE debut at the St. Valentine's Day pay-per-view in 1999.

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BONUS ITEM: Esteban Loaiza made $44 million during his MLB career. I guess that wasn't enough for him.