1. And just like that, nobody is talking about height, hand size and an arrest. Baker Mayfield caused a social media frenzy Wednesday night when he posted a photo in which he recreated Brett Favre's 1991 NFL draft-day phone call.

I've been on the Baker bandwagon all along, but who knew all it would take to win some people over was a goofy picture? Favre himself weighed in on Mayfield's creative effort.

According to ESPN, Mayfield's mom bought wallpaper that matched the wood paneling shown in Favre's bedroom and the family put up photos of the QB from his days in youth sports. 

As for the jorts, Mayfield owned those, so there's a legitimate red flag for teams thinking of drafting him.

2. When you drain a game-winning 3-pointer, score 44 points, grab 10 rebounds and dish out eight assists, you instantly become spongeworthy.

Here is an awesome video from inside the arena when LeBron James put the nail in Indiana's coffin last night.

3. There was a little confusion Monday night because some people thought TNT play-by-play man Kevin Harlan was randomly calling players, "Reggie" during the Rockets-Timberwolves game. Of course, Harlan was just talking to his analyst, Reggie Miller. Harlan addressed this in the perfect way during Wednesday's game between the teams.

This also gives me the perfect chance to tell you that Harlan is the guest on the newest edition of the SI Media Podcast. The man with the best pipes in the business talked about why he prefers doing radio over TV, the hardest sport to call, the loudest NBA arena, having to become a personality, bucket list job, whether he regrets doing play-by-play of a streaker and much more. You can listen to the interview below or download it on iTunes.

4. The NFL Network's (and recent SI Media Podcast guest) Rich Eisen gave fans a sneak peek of what Thursday's draft will look like inside AT&T Stadium, aka "Jerry World," and it looks pretty spectacular.

5. What an at-bat for the Tigers' Leonys Martin on Wednesday. First he fouled a ball into the twig and berries and then two pitches later he went yard.

6. Call me a cynic, but I'd bet money the family set this up by rewinding the game.

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IN CLOSING: I can't ever remember being this excited for the NFL draft. Enjoy it.