Mario Tennis Aces: Ranking the Fantastic, Frenetic—and Sometimes Psychedelic—Super Shots

Mario Tennis Aces is an addictive, fast-paced riff on a country club staple. The best part? The special shots. Here's a ranking of the best and worst.
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Mario is back between the baselines with Mario Tennis Aces, an addictive, fast-paced riff on a country club staple. Tennis buffs will appreciate the volleys and drop shots, while casual fans will fall for the characters and variety of gameplay, particularly the special shots.

These shots—a range of powerful, character-specific strikes—are a treat to watch. So much so that we decided to rank each and everyone of them for the base characters in the game. From Toad to Chain Chomp, find all the shots below.

16. Toad

15. Mario

14. Daisy

13. Bowser

12. Luigi

11. Chain Chomp

10. Wario

9. Spike  

8. Donkey Kong 

7. Peach

6. Yoshi

5. Toadette

4. Bowser Jr. 

3. Rosalina  

2. Waluigi  

1. Boo