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1. Kevin Durant made more than $26 million this past season. He won his second NBA title and claimed his second NBA Finals MVP award. You'd think he'd be content and have so many wonderful things to do with his time.

Instead, the man who got busted for using burner accounts to argue with people on social media continues to wade into comments sections to defend himself.

The latest case of this ridiculous practice has Durant beefing with a high school kid on Instagram over this post. 

Durant told the 17-year-old behind the account to “go sweep your dorm room” before calling him a “middle school/knock off stephen a.” It didn't stop there, either. The Score has screencapped more of Durant's responses.

I know Durant is a grown man who makes his own decisions, but someone on his PR/management team really needs to sit him down and tell him he's embarrassing himself with this. Go live your life and stop paying attention to social media.

(Cheap plug: SI's Lee Jenkins offered some very interesting insight into Durant's unique personality on a recent edition of the SI Media Podcast, which you can hear below.)

2. This is a very good tweet.

3. LeBron wants you to know he's very into his offseason workouts.

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4. Tim Tebow is supposedly dating a Miss Universe.

5. As always, the NBA and Adam Silver get it.

6. You most likely know about the Astros' wacky win last night, but the fact that Alex Bregman has TWO walk-offs that haven't left the infield this season is why baseball is awesome.

7. RANDOM "DUETS" VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Foo Fighters and Rick Astley team up for a very enjoyable Rick Roll.

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