Was it worth it?

By Dan Gartland
August 06, 2018

Was it worth it?

Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

An Irish man (as you can tell from the shamrock tattoo on his ass) brought the fine European tradition of full nude streaking to North America on Saturday.

The exhibitionists’ friends later showed off the man’s clothes and promised to start a GoFundMe to get him bailed out.

But getting out of jail might not be the end of the streaker’s problems. He’s an Irish citizen but he lives in Vancouver, so he could be deported from Canada over the incident.

All that for $80? I hope it was at least at least American dollars—$80 Canadian is only $61 American.

Grills are so passé

Forget a grill—Odell Beckham went ahead and got diamonds implanted right in his teeth. Beckham’s dentist and jeweler collaborated to make a set of diamond-crusted veneers that ran OBJ about $5,000. And they’re totally permanent, so they’re not going anywhere unless Malcolm Jenkins knocks Beckham’s teeth out of his head.

Nooooo, not the poutine!

Tons and tons of Blue Jays fans came south of the border for this weekend’s series in Seattle, not just the streaker. Jays fans so outnumbered Seattle fans that Mariners pitcher Marco Gonzales likened it to an unwelcome visitor taking “a dump on our dining room table.”

With so many Canadians in town, the M’s embraced Hoser stereotypes with this poutine-themed between innings entertainment. I have a feeling the Mariners knew exactly how this would end, with the sight of so much precious poutine spoiled on the outfield grass causing the assembled Canadians to recoil in disgust. It was the Jays who got the last laugh, though, taking three games out of four.

Bits & Pieces

This is a really interesting interview with veteran college football reporter Brett McMurphy about how he broke the Urban Meyer story on his Facebook page while still being paid by ESPN. ... The Russian government has tasked Steven Seagal with impoving ties between Russia and the United States. ... Terrell Owens worked out for a CFL team the day after his Hall of Fame induction. ... I thought this was interesting: An Australian rugby player spray paints his cleats because he doesn’t like promoting companies with unfair labor practices. ... Two elderly German men escaped their nursing home and went to a heavy metal festival. ... Let’s not talk about how the Yankees game ended last night.

Maybe the Browns will never get better

NBA season is closer than you think—place your bets

Bill Belichick smiling will never not be weird

Almost as weird as seeing him at a Halloween party

Two incredible soccer goals from around the world

First, from Slovenia.

And here from South Africa.

James Franklin shows his ass

No, literally.

Usually it takes until an embarrassing loss in Week 3 or 4 for James Franklin to show his metaphorical ass.

Francisco Lindor is unreal

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No glove required.

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I don’t know if there’s a rapper I’d like to fight less than The Game

God bless Carlos Gomez

I love this almost as much as him apologizing to a water cooler.

Shoutout to the few dozen people in the crowd who were digging this

Putting out a fire with his boat

Holy crap

A good song

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