Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Young Tigers Fan Gives Foul Ball to Another Kid

This will melt your heart. 
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This will melt your heart

We often see adults giving foul balls away to kids at ballgames, but have you ever seen another kid give one away?

One young fan at last night’s White Sox-Tigers game got a ball from a grown man, but rather than keep it he decided to give it to another kid.

There were actually a few moments like that during Tuesday’s action across baseball, which MLB compiled into this video. I think my favorite is the guy whose buddy holds his feet so he can get a foul ball on the field, which he then gives to a little girl. 

Changing tones ... baseball fight!

I feel like it’s been a while since we had a benches-clearing incident in baseball. The Giants-Dodgers rivalry put an end to that streak though. 

Of course Dodgers firebrand Yasiel Puig was right in the middle of it, shoving Giants catcher Nick Hundley after a brief exchange of words. That’s when all hell broke loose. 

“He told me to stop complaining and get back in the box,” Puig told reporters through an interpreter. “When I got in his face, he told me to get out of his face, so that’s when I got upset with him.

“I didn’t like that he was telling me what to do, and then he said some words to me in English that I really can’t repeat.”

Ronald Acuña is unstoppable

Braves rookie Ronald Acuña has hit eight home runs in his last eight games, including a homer in five consecutive games and a leadoff blast in his last three. 

“I wasn’t sure I’d be able to hit another (lead-off) home run like that,”  Acuña told reporters through an interpreter. “At first I laughed a lot, but then I got nervous again.”

Bits & Pieces

Requiring all players to speak Spanish is the first good thing the Marlins have done since 2003. ... A bear waltzed into a Connecticut liquor store—and a man walked in after it. ... Jets coach Todd Bowles isn’t happy with Terrelle Pryor after he revealed that he broke his ankle in May. ... The infamous New Jersey “Pooperintendent” will walk away from his old job with more than $100,000. ... Jets bust Christian Hackenberg got signed by the Eagles and things are going great! (No they’re not.) ... Paris’s new open-air urinals are really pissing people off.

Speaking of urinals

Is there a quality starting pitcher at the end of that rainbow?

Auburn has some A+ names this season

For more one-of-a-kind names in college football, check out college football editor Eric Single’s 2018 National Signing Day all-name team. One of the team captains? Smoke Monday.

This is the weirdest parrot rescue I’ve seen this week

An Illinois man got stuck in waist deep mud with his parrot on his shoulder.

Wait, no, this is the weirdest parrot rescue I’ve seen this week

A loose parrot in London told the fire department to “f--- off” when firemen came to rescue it. 

How can you make it to 2018 and not know about the Red Wedding?

Madden glitches are my favorite part of August

Maybe dislocating your elbow isn’t so bad after all

Where’s Manu Ginobili when you need him?

Talk about rain on your wedding day

Police in New Jersey had to rescue some newlyweds after they were caught in a flash flood. 

Zion Williamson is 285 pounds and can do this

A good song

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