This story isn’t for the faint of heart.

By Dan Gartland
August 22, 2018

This story isn’t for the faint of heart

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Athletes injure themselves outside the context of their sport all the time. Just yesterday the Angels put Justin Upton on the DL when he cut himself on a wine glass. But what happened to UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell is so much worse. Unimaginably worse. 

Mitchell—and there’s no way to soften this—tore open his scrotum with a power drill. 

It’s probably the pain meds talking but Mitchell appears to be taking this all in stride. He at least did get his underwear replaced.

Football player with no femurs set to join Baylor

No Excuses: The Ricardo Benitez Story from Dominique Collins on Vimeo.

Ricardo Benitez, a high school football player in Texas with a rare medical condition that means he was born without femurs in either leg, has an offer to walk on at Baylor from head coach Matt Rhule. But until recently he couldn’t afford the tuition. A friend set up a GoFundMe, however, which raised $20,000 in less than two weeks

Adam Jones goes way back with one Blue Jays rookie

When Orioles star Adam Jones was an 18-year-old rookie playing for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, he stayed with the Jansen family. Danny Jansen was nine at the time, now he’s 23 and a rookie catcher for the Blue Jays. 

Jones and Jansen got a chance to catch up at home plate when the Orioles came to Toronto this week. 

“It was cool,” Jansen told the Associated Press. “He hit me on the chest and said, ‘I’m proud of you, man. You made it.’ I’ll never forget it.”

Bits & Pieces

This is an absolutely harrowing story of a father and son trying to escape a wildfire in Montana. ... A man at an art museum in Portugal fell into an eight-foot-deep optical illusion. ... I miss when the internet was just things like Facebook groups trying to get people to blow wildfire smoke back across the Canadian border. ... The co-founder of the Big3 tried to start a rumor that Kobe Bryant was playing next year (definitely not to drum up investors!) but Kobe’s people quickly shot it down

It’s tough being Tony Hawk

Nice try

And that’s why you don’t call South Carolina "USC." 

Old school throwbacks for the Devils

Greg Maddux could beat you however he wanted

I can’t keep this straight

Baker Mayfield is going to be a star

Look at what you have to do when Aaron Donald isn’t practicing

Three equally impressive middle infield plays

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How in the world?

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I hope he can expense his dry cleaning

One reason I couldn’t be a news reporter

American Vandal, Season 2

A good song

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