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1. The network that brought us Jimmy The Greek is not quite ready to embrace sports betting when it comes to the NFL.

CBS president Sean McManus said yesterday that his broadcasters will not reference anything that has to do with gambling during NFL games this season, despite the Supreme Court ruling that states can legalize sports betting. 

Here is the full exchange of my brief conversation with McManus:

Traina: What have you told your broadcasters, if anything, about mentioning point spreads, covering the point spreads, etc, during telecasts? 

McManus: We're not going to be doing it in our NFL coverage right now. The ruling has only affected a small handful of states so we don't think it affects the audience greatly, so right now we're not going to be talking about point spreads with our NFL coverage.

Traina: If an announcer wants to talk about it, can they or is it not allowed?

McManus: Right now we're not talking about it. That's the policy.

This policy seems shortsighted given the amount of people who bet on NFL games. McManus said it has only affected a small handful of states, but we all know that's not true because people are betting on football no matter where they live—and have been for years and years and years.

Could CBS have this policy in place just to keep the NFL happy since Roger Goodell won't embrace sports betting until he gets his cut of the pie? That would be my guess, but who knows. Ironcially, though, the NFL and its TV partners have no problem whatsoever with the Raiders leaving Oakland to go to Las Vegas. Hmm....

2. No matter how hard Alex Rodriguez wants everyone to forget he used PEDs, it just isn't going to happen. Director Bill Corben, who was responsible for ESPN's best 30-for-30—The U—has made a documentary that covers the Biogenesis scandal and A-Rod's involvement in it. There is one catch. All of the characters are played by children. Take a look.

3. Browns fourth-string quarterback Brogan Roback has been one of the breakout stars of Hard Knocks this season. Roback once again showed why Tuesday night when he couldn't contain his excitement over meeting FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

4. Memo to Nationals slugger Mark Reynolds: When you get ejected from a game, you need throw much heavier objects at the umps. Tossing your batting gloves just makes you look weak.

5. Unlike the other major sports, the NBA just keeps doing things to make itself more fan friendly.

6. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with Dallas sportscaster and viral video star Dale Hansen. The 70-year-old Hansen, who works for WFAA, discusses his monologues on Jerry Jones, the national anthem controversy, the Cowboys signing of Greg Hardy, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend during the NFL draft, and more. In addition, Hansen talks about how his liberal views are received by a Dallas audience and the higher ups at his television station. He also shares personal stories about how life experiences have changed and shaped his current world views. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

7. RANDOM COLLEGE FOOTBALL VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since we started today's Traina Thoughts with an item about broadcasters mentioning gambling during games, it's only fitting we close things out with one of Brent Musburger's greatest on-air moments. (Side note: How about the scoundrel who uploaded the clip to YouTube and named it "Musburgers Loses Bet On Air"? Well done.)

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IN CLOSING: LeBron's new HBO show The Shop is excellent and if you didn't watch it Tuesday night, you should check it out.