John Millman’s match against Roger Federer came just six hours before the start of his fantasy draft, so he had a lot on his mind. 

By Dan Gartland
September 04, 2018

This guy has his priorities straight

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The unseeded John Millman continued his unlikely run through the U.S. Open with a win over Roger Federer in the Round of 16 last night. I don’t think Millman ever expected to make it to the quarterfinals. You know why? Because he scheduled a fantasy football draft for early this morning. 

Millman’s match against Federer didn’t finish until 1 a.m. During his post-match interview with ESPN, he revealed that his fantasy draft was supposed to start in just six hours.

“It’s 1 o’clock now. I probably should try to get a recovery. I’ve got a 7 o’clock in the morning fantasy draft,” Millman said. “So, I’m going to get up for that, and hopefully I have a good draft. I’m second pick. I don’t know whether to go [Todd] Gurley or Le’Veon Bell.”

And Millman was still up at 3 a.m. tweeting! He was probably so sleep deprived he ended up taking Clinton Portis or somebody. 

The shirt off his back

In addition to his sweet swing, Joey Votto is known for his amusing interactions with the fans in the stands. If you’re an opposing fan, he’ll probably mess with you. If you’re a Reds fan, you’re in better luck. 

During yesterday’s game, Votto spotted a guy wearing a “Votto for President” shirt and decided he had to have it. Rather than ask the guy where he got it and order one himself, Votto gave the fan an autographed jersey in exchange for the shirt he was wearing. 

The lawyers should have researched Nebraska weather patterns

Nebraska’s season opener against Akron was called off on Saturday due to lightning. That’s a problem because the Huskers had agreed to pay the Zips $1.17 million. There will surely be lawyers involved, because Akron is going to want that money and Nebraska is contending that it would have played the game on Sunday if Akron hadn’t said that wasn’t an option.

This all could have been avoided if the contract had been drawn up a little more carefully. Nebraska doesn’t owe Akron anything if a war breaks out, or in the event of any host of weather conditions. The problem is that list of weather conditions doesn’t include lightning storms, although it does include hurricanes and tropical storms. When was the last time you heard of a hurricane striking Akron or Nebraska?

Bits & Pieces

The twist in this story about the Chiefs’ running backs coach searching for his biological parents is honestly unbelievable. ... Politico ran a truly bizarre article exploring the role the Buffalo Bills played in the Oklahoma City bombing. ... Bill Simmons gave a drive-by hot take to TMZ that LeBron isn’t going to win any titles in Los Angeles. ... A legendary English soccer player was a surprise emergency player in an 11th-tier league. ... A hurricane is supposed to hit the Gulf Coast tonight.

This is entirely plausible

It is Florida, after all. 

Poor Sue Bird

Diana Taurasi also had the best comment about Bird’s injury.

The CFL vs. the NFL in Canada

Canadian's Preferences for Football from r/CFL

Who’s gonna fall for googly eyes on a fish?

A lot going on here

He just turned the Gatorade bath on its head

Guerilla marketing done right

The guy made a video explaining that he did it because he saw Asian people were underrepresented in the marketing materials. 

She tried to claim she taught her dog not to like meat anymore

A good song

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