Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Marshawn Lynch Looked Like a Nerd in High School

Would you be afraid if you saw this guy in the backfield?
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Would you be afraid if you saw this guy in the backfield?

Marshawn Lynch is probably the most misunderstood guy in the NFL. Because he’s the most intimidating running back since Earl Campbell, with long dreads and a ski mask, people think he’s a tough, scary guy. But he’s actually a major softie. He doesn’t refuse to speak to the media because he’s a jerk, he’s actually just really shy.

Lynch also had a 3.2 GPA during his time at Cal, and as a freshman decided he wanted to try to make the Academic All-America team. 

“It wasn’t until I pulled them three B’s, but I see it’s reachable, so I’m going for it,” Lynch told the East Bay Times in 2005. “I was just expecting to pass my classes, but I did a lot better than I thought I would.”

“When I talked to the players before spring practice about goals, not one physical thing came out of Marshawn’s mouth,” then-Cal coach Jeff Tedford told the Times. “Not rushing for 1,000 yards or scoring 25 touchdowns. He said he wanted to get all B’s. For a guy with his promise on the football field, I wasn’t expecting that.”

So yeah, Marshawn didn’t just look like the guy you cheated off in high school—he was. 

Oh, and he can also still do this:

Forget the turnover chain

Darrian Carmichael, the offensive line coach at Jonesboro High School in Georgia, gives his players a little sugar boost after they make a big pancake block. 

“It was not until pregame (of the season opener),” Carmicheal told USA Today. “I said, ‘You know what fellas? We getting syrup shots when we come off the field for pancakes and for touchdowns!’ And it has been a hit ever since.”

So the Jets are gonna win the Super Bowl?


The best part about Week 1 of the NFL season and seeing things like the Jets take the Lions to the woodshed is that you get to make bold, irresponsible proclamations. Sam Darnold is the next Matt Ryan, Matt Patricia is the next Romeo Crennel and the Jets are going to challenge the Patriots in the AFC East this season. 

Jets fans are handling this all in stride.

Bits & Pieces

The Phillies’ grounds crew used flamethrowers to dry the dirt before Monday night’s game. ... Do baseball players still use the on-deck circle when it’s literally impossible for them to bat next? ... A rogue cougar may have been spotted all the way in Ireland. ... A Canadian man emailed every Nicole at his university to find the woman he met at a bar the night before—and it worked. ... A guy in New Hampshire was fined $124 for kicking a seagull. ... I thought this was an interesting story about an Oregon town that made its own money during the Great Depression

Sam Darnold should buy these since he already owns Ford Field

Good thing the Giants’ future quarterback situation is all figured out

They should have just gone for the trifecta

I’ll have a slice

Saw this rock and thought it was a cheesecake from r/pics

He’ll get fined but it was worth it

Marcus Peters and Marshawn Lynch are like family, so of course Peters had to polish off his pick-six with Lynch’s iconic crotch grab. 

Rock on

Is a massive fist pump against baseball’s unwritten rules?

Now that’s definitely against the unwritten rules

This could have ended very badly

Action Bronson discovers what ASMR is

Shaq’s kid is the life of the party

A good song

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