Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: The Evolution of Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh

Well, it hasn’t actually evolved much. He’s always like that. 
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Well, it hasn’t actually evolved much


The first thing I wanted to know when I saw that viral clip of Kawhi Leonard “laughing” at Raptors media day was if he felt uncomfortable in a new setting or if he’s always like that. The answer, it turns out, is the latter. 

Or maybe he’s just uncomfortable talking to the media in general. Maybe if you were hanging out at Kawhi’s house he’d be the most easygoing guy. Or maybe he really is a robot like everyone says. 


Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and star midfielder Paul Pogba haven’t been on the best of terms lately. Nobody was in a good mood after United lost to Derby County in the League Cup yesterday but things were especially tense between Pogba and the boss at this morning’s training session. Look at that icy stare!

He probably saved his own life

As if facing Aaron Judge wasn’t scary enough already, it became a literal life and death scenario for Rays pitcher Jake Faria. Judge smoked one 109 mph off the bat directly back to Faria, but luckily Faria was able to get his glove in front of his skull to make the play and avoid a trip to the hospital. 

Bits & Pieces

Here’s a cool random SI article I stumbled upon yesterday: William Faulkner goes to his first hockey game. ... A Tennessee man allegedly tried to hide counterfeit money between his butt cheeks during a traffic stop. ... The president of Southeast Missouri State University has apologized after he was filmed drinking from a beer bong at a tailgate. ... Want free Six Flags passes? All you have to do is stay in a coffin for 30 hours

Joakim Noah should have known this would happen when he posed for such an easily photoshoppable picture

I can’t believe my fridge won’t even let me access Luis Tiant’s Baseball Reference page

I bet it rhymes with “schmets”

Tennessee football in one image

Baseball is a hard game

You tuned in for a playoff race and instead got a weather report

Who do you think Tiger said the best four golfers ever are?

What a barehanded play!

Max Scherzer passes a significant milestone

Joe West being Joe West

Beating the entire Mario game in under five minutes

A good song

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