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Kawhi Leonard Speaks at Raptors Media Day, Talks About Future in Toronto, Claims He's 'a Fun Guy'

Kahwi Leonard discussed his potential future in Toronto among many other things during media day Monday.

On Monday, Kawhi Leonard addressed the world as a member of the Toronto Raptors for NBA media day.

When asked if he was disappointed about how his time with the Spurs came to an end, Leonard explained that he has "no regrets" about what happened and that he is trying to focus on the present with his new team and not look back at what happened last season in San Antonio.

"I want to play here," Leonard said. "You know, as long as I have on a jersey I want to play basketball. I came here with an open mind. You know I want to do great things, so I’m going to make sure I put my all effort on the court each and every night. You know by winning games, this is how you get star-caliber players to want to come here and play."

In addition to talking about his potential future with Toronto, Leonard also was asked to describe himself for Raptors fans who might not know much about him.

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"I'm a fun guy," Leonard said.

At one point when providing his description of himself, Leonard even burst out into laughter, which surprised basically everyone.

Check out the best moment of Leonard's media session below:

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