Weekend Hot Clicks: Game 3 Was Epic. Also, Hands Up If You Fell Asleep Last Night

Game 3 was epic but don't lie, east coasters. You fell asleep. 
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Fall (Asleep?) Classic

I did, unfortunately. If you also did (and you’re living on the moon), Max Muncy delivered a Game 3 win in the 18th inning. World Series ratings are way down despite two huge markets, and I’ve seen several people wonder if unlimited extra innings should be changed. What’s a serious alternative? There isn’t one. Also, the Bill Nye-Sandy Koufax debacle was hilarious.

Best. Flop. Ever.

Hot Clicks has a video section below but I can’t bury this video below. It deserves a spot right here:

Trade Deadline

The NFL Trade Deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. Here are five trades we might see and five trades we want to see, and the latest rumors for Eagles, Landon Collins and more.

Never too early

To look ahead at March Madness. Predictions for which high-major teams could end tourney droughts this year.

Herbstreit vs. UCF

I had Kirk Herbstreit on my podcast this week and he called UCF bullish saying they need to spend more time scheduling and less time tweeting.

Chrissy Teigen


Not a great sign...

B. Money

Odds and Ends

This interception from the BC-Miami game was Grade-A entertainment ... Netflix will debut 57 new original shows and movies in November … Fall weddings strike again ... Week 8 college football cheerleaders ... Hot Seat: Bobby Petrino’s buyout gets bigger each year, not smaller ... These people have skeleton Halloween lawn decorations that they change every single day in October ... 50 last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for 2018.

Cage’s Con Air hair is back

Watch this

My wife has been laughing at this for 48 hours straight

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