1. If anyone should be able to respect a good prank, it's Jim Halpert/John Krasinski.

Krasinski spent a good part of Tuesday retweeting people who had voted in the midterm elections after he had shared his own photo with wife Emily Blunt.

Right off the bat, the star of A Quiet Place threw out this quote tweet:

There was only one problem with that photo provided by "Vinny." It wasn't Vinny.

Krasinkski later got wind that he had been pranked and offered a mea culpa.

Naturally, The Office memes and references quickly flooded Krasinksi's mentions.

Side note: John Krasinski is on the dream guest list for the SI Media Podcast, so feel free to hit him up on Twitter and tell him he should come on the show.

2. Bill Belichick was mic'd up for Sunday's game against the Packers, which led to a couple of great clips. Here's Belichick talking to his defense about Aaron Rodgers.

And here's Belichick arguing with referees about where he should stand when calling a time out.

3. This tweet by Jon Morosi yesterday sent everyone into a frenzy.  

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If you're being realistic, you know that the quote is just generic, standard GM speak and doesn't mean anything. "Did not rule out the possiblity" does not equal "will be on." However, the quote was enough to make Mike Francesa completely lose it during this very solid rant.

4. Niners tight end George Kittle is coming off a four-catch, 108-yard, one touchdown performance that included a wild one-handed catch.

What has been the best thing about Kittle's big game? Getting a Twitter follow.

5. Sacha Baron Cohen brought back Borat on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night for this Election Day bit.

6. The C.J. McCollum ankle break on Donte DiVincenzo last night was great and the announcers' reaction was even better.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, many of you will be indulging in mac and cheese. So let's re-watch the best mac and cheese video ever made.

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