Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Eagles Could Use 6'8", 345-pound Former Rugby Player at Running Back

Just give this man the ball, please!
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Give this man the ball


I think it’s safe to say the Eagles have the most interesting prospect in the NFL: Jordan Mailata, a 21-year-old Australian former rugby player who stands 6'8" and weighs 345 pounds. They’re training him as an offensive tackle but head coach Doug Pederson isn’t ruling out the possibility of using him as a running back. One genius reporter brought up the possibility at Pederson’s Wednesday press conference. 

“That’s a good question. I don’t know,” Pederson responded. “He’s definitely used to carrying a larger football. Do they call it a football? I don’t know what they call it. A ball? Very athletic guy. It’s intriguing. It’s not out of the question.”

Frankly, the Eagles would be stupid not to at least give it a shot. I mean, look at what this guy can do with the ball in his hands.

Granted, nobody on that field is as big as anyone in an NFL front seven, but Mailata still holds a significant size advantage over almost any player in the league. 

Imagine, it’s fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line in the Super Bowl and instead of having to run some dinky trick play you just hand the ball to a giant pile of muscles. 

Fortnite dances have gone too far

Some very mean person working for the PGA’s over-50 tour thought it would be funny to have the players try to do Fortnite dances. 

I’d love to see Miguel Angel Jimenez in a flossing contest against all these kids, though. 

Milwaukee goes above and beyond to celebrate Christian Yelich

The Milwaukee County Transit System is renaming route No. 22 (Christian Yelich’s jersey number) after the likely NL MVP until the award is announced next week. After the announcement, all the county’s buses will bear a message in Yelich’s honor. 

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