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1. Talk about a match made in Twitter heaven. Kawhi Leonard (not exactly known for a dynamic personality) signed a deal Wednesday with New Balance (not exactly known for being a a cool and hip brand) after leaving Nike. Naturally, NBA fans couldn't help but analyze this move. And by "analyze" we mean mercilessly mock.

2. The newest SI Media Podcast features a wide-ranging interview with Blake Griffin. The 29-year-old star talks about being a media mogul, whether he roots against the Clippers, the negative comment that annoys him the most, why he can't watch a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm, his love of the The Office and more. You can listen to the podcat below or download it on iTunes.

3. Tom Brady clearly knows his target audience when mentioning them on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.31.35 PM.png

4.'s The Crossover team has ranked the 30 best NBA jersey of all time.

5. My love for Baker Mayfield grows each day. I love that he did not apologize for his Hue Jackson comments. Way too many do a mea culpa when they do nothing wrong and it's a bummer when they give in to the pressure to offer the fake apology.

6. Mike Francesa hates Odell Beckham and people who talk without accomplishing anything.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since Blake Griffin is on the podcast this week, here's his standup routine in case you've never seen it. The dude is funny.

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