Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Colt McCoy Completed Two Passes While Playing on a Broken Leg

Colt McCoy is one tough cookie. 
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Colt McCoy is one tough cookie


The Skins’ nightmare season got even worse in last night’s loss to the Eagles when Colt McCoy broke his leg on a freak play in the first quarter. McCoy tripped and fell for what should have been an innocuous sack, but then his right leg whipped around the leg of a defender and bent it severely enough to break it. 

Here’s what McCoy looked like moments later, hobbling through the tunnel on his way out of the X-ray room. 

That certainly looks like a guy who just broke his leg. And yet, somehow, McCoy did not come out of the game immediately after the play on which he was injured. He actually stayed on the field for two more plays, and completed two passes. The first, a five-yard completion to Chris Thompson, was called back for an illegal block in the back, setting Washington up with third-and-30 from the Philadelphia 36. McCoy then found Jamison Crowder for 10 yards to set the Skins up for an easier field goal, which Dustin Hopkins converted. 

It just goes to show you how adrenaline can trick you into thinking you’re just fine, when in reality you should hardly be able to walk.

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