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Monday’s Hot Clicks: Josh Johnson Played ‘Madden’ to Learn Who His New Teammates Are

He’s played for 12 different NFL teams. That’s a lot of teammates. 

Wait, who are these guys?


Josh Johnson has had a lot of teammates. 

The 32-year-old career third-string quarterback has played for 12 different NFL teams, along with a season with the UFL’s Sacramento Mountain Lions. That’s a lot of teammates. 

So how does a guy who has shared a locker room several hundred players learn who his new teammates are after being signed just five days before his first game? Johnson fired up a video game console and started playing Madden.

And it worked out pretty well for him! Despite having not thrown a pass in an NFL game since 2011 and having only a few days to learn the playbook, Johnson relieved an ineffective Mark Sanchez and led Washington on two touchdown drives. He finished the day 11-of-16 for 195 yards, with a touchdown and an interception. His team still lost 40–16 to fall to 6–7, dangerously far behind the 8–5 Cowboys in the division race, but that wasn’t Johnson’s fault. 

Head coach Jay Gruden was so impressed with Johnson’s effort (or perhaps just so discouraged by Sanchez’s) that he named Johnson the starter for next week. It seems like a smart call. Johnson has a 64 rating in Madden, while Sanchez is a 65. So it’s really a toss-up. 

You won’t see games end in more ridiculous fashion than this

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Then it was Amari Cooper with the insane concentration to bobble this TD catch in overtime. 


This AHL commentator had no idea that his broadcast partner had lost his job coaching Buffalo’s professional women’s team. But he had just been fired an hour before they went on the air, so can you blame him?

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