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1. Going after Darren Rovell, who recently left ESPN for the Action Sports Network, over something he tweets is low-hanging fruit. I try my hardest not to do it, plus, I do like Darren, who was once a guest on the SI Media Podcast.

But what I saw Tuesday morning was just too good to pass up. In case you haven't noticed, Cris Collinsworth's "slide" during the opening segment on Sunday Night Football on NBC has become an Internet thing. It's at its peak right now, which means everyone is going after as many likes and retweets as possible on Twitter by making jokes about the "slide." One person, though, gave us a rare gift of creativity and orginality and put together this very amusing video. 

Obviously, anyone looking at the screen in "the bar" can see the video is real. However, for some unknown reason, Rovell wanted to make sure EVERYONE knew it was fake, so he sent out this tweet.

To say the replies were hilarious would be an understatement.

Being the hard-hitting journalist that I am, I reached out to Rovell to ask him about this controversy. Yes, this is a real interview done over e-mail.

Traina Thoughts: What is your reaction when you get ratio’d?
Rovell: I’m excited because I know that people strongly care about something I said.

Traina Thoughts: You’ve been accused of being a narc and a nerd. How do you react to these accusations?
Rovell: I’ve always considered myself a nerd and I'm proud of that label. Luckily, I'm not in third grade anymore. I'm a man, I'm 40. What I've learned is that nerds have a tough time growing up, but in the end, nerds win in life more often than the popular high school quarterback. It's fun for the bros to call me a narc. If they have fun with it, I'm all for it. I can take it all.

Traina Thoughts: Did you really not think people realized the video was fake?
Rovell: I had no idea. I hadn't seen it nor the talk of it. But was shocked that it got 100,000 likes. I spent absolutely no time with it. Saw it in five seconds and commented on it. That's it. 

Traina Thoughts: Do you hate jokes?
Rovell: I love jokes. In fact, anyone who has ever met me would never call me the soulless robot I get accused of being.

We appreciate Rovell answering our questions, but we are a tad skeptical that he didn't know the video had blown up since, as he told us on the SI Media Podcast, he employs someone to monitor Twitter for him. But we appreciate Rovell's tweet because the replies made our day.

2. ESPN mics picked up Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen saying, "Should've been all f-cking day" after making a catch in the fourth quarter of Minnesota's 21-7 loss to Seattle on Monday night. 

It's hard to argue that Thielen had a point after seeing this.

3. The Lakers tried to pull off some ridiculous razzle dazzle Monday night that didn't work out at all, but it left coach Luke Walton stunned in disbelief, which made for a great video.

4. In case you didn't hear the Spanish radio call of the Dolphins' winning touchdown from Sunday, you should check it out now.

5. Nobody puts things in perspective like Bill Belichick,

6. The "H" isn't even near the "R" on the keyboard so who knows how this happens.

7. The newest SI Media Podcast features a conversation with comedian Bill Burr, who was simply hilarious during the 60-minute chat. Burr riffed on everything from sports fans who get into arguments with friends to why he can't get into soccer to why he hates touchdown celebrations to Tom Brady. He also discussed the state of comedy, how the politically correct climate affects him and much more. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

8. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: This comes via my SI Media Podcast producer Lou Pellegrino. Someone mashed up Ray Liotta in Goodfellas with those awful Ray Liotta commercials about qutting smoking.

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