Friday’s Hot Clicks: Enes Kanter Ate Seven Cheeseburgers, Then Left Practice With an ‘Illness’

Enes Kanter loves his cheat days, maybe a little too much.
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Enes Kanter loves his cheat days, maybe a little too much


Knicks big man Enes Kanter will occasionally tweet photos of what he’s eating on his “cheat days.”

Sometimes it’s way too many cheeseburgers. 

Sometimes it’s a mountain of sweets. 

Kanter’s most recent cheat day was a burger day, which he tweeted about on Wednesday. He settled down in front of a plate of seven burgers, plus a heaping helping of fries, and went to town. 

And wouldn’t you know it, Kanter wasn’t feeling great the next day and had to excuse himself from practice.

It’s entirely possible that something else made Kanter feel sick, but I doubt stuffing himself like that helped. (UPDATE: Yeah, it was the burgers. Look what greeted Kanter at practice on Friday.)

Through some internet sleuthing, I was able to determine that the restaurant Kanter went to is Elevation Burger in Rye Brook, New York. Luckily for me, Elevation Burger’s menu includes calorie counts, so we can calculate the extent of Kanter’s gluttony. 

He says he has three triple burgers with fried egg, which must have been a custom order. The menu includes a double burger with egg at 890 calories, so let’s say the triple is about 1100 calories. Then he’s got what looks like two “paleo burgers,” which are 505 calories each. It looks like the two other burgers are just a single patty, which clocks in at 330 calories each. And then there’s the fries, 520 calories. 

That’s a total of roughly 5,500 calories, nearly three times what the average person is supposed to consume in a day. 

The Spurs and Thunder played a classic

San Antonio and Oklahoma City played a ridiculous double-overtime game last night, which the Spurs won 154–147. LaMarcus Aldridge scored 56, a career high for him and the most any player has ever scored while playing for Gregg Popovich. Russell Westbrook, meanwhile, had a ridiculous 24-point, 24-assist, 13-rebound triple double. 

Seattle closer to an NHL team name?

I don’t want to brag but I ranked Sockeyes as the No. 1 option when the franchise was announced. Steelheads wasn’t on the list of names originally trademarked by the franchise but that’s an equally solid choice. 

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Think you could make that kick? (You can’t.)

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