Oh, Steph. What are you doing?

By Dan Gartland
January 22, 2019

Oh, Steph. What are you doing?

Harry How/Getty Images

Even though Stephen Curry is no longer the consensus best player in the NBA, he’s still one of the league’s most electrifying players. He can get the crowd on its feet in an instant with a deep three or a slick pass. 

During the Warriors’ blowout win over the Lakers last night in Los Angeles, the crowd was ready to burst after Curry made a smart defensive play to give himself a fastbreak opportunity. Were they about to see a rare Steph dunk? And better yet, a 360?

Dunks aren’t Curry’s thing, but surely he would sink the ensuing three-point attempt, right? Nope, an airball. 

The failed attempt at showboating was bad enough, but failing at what he does best (shooting threes) makes this easily the worst five seconds of Curry’s career. Steve Kerr couldn’t resist ribbing Steph a little bit after the game. 

At least Curry was able to laugh at himself, though. 

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But seriously, given Curry’s history of ankle problems, slipping like that could have gone really badly. We’re lucky all it gave us was a hilarious blooper. 

This is apparently a thing that happens fairly frequently in Canada

The winter storm that crippled large parts of the United States this weekend also coated parts of Canada in ice and allowed this guy to strap on his hockey skates and glide down the street. 

This is not unusual in Canada. Another ice storm in Ottawa last spring had people doing the very same thing. 

This guy will get a lot of Super Bowl screen time

Just another example of the NFL copying something from college football. Every college team has a coach like this whose job is to keep coaches and players from getting on the field. Sean McVay’s personal get-back coach appears to have his work cut out for him, though .

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Around the sports world

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You really can’t sleep on James Harden

A little unfair to make his son play with Blake Bortles, though

That’s it, this is coming true

Joel Embiid smothered this shot

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Roy Williams came through with the Jordans

And for a good cause, too. Coaches around the country participated in the American Cancer Society’s “Suits and Sneakers.”

You gotta love Russell Westbrook

Keep an eye on the guy with the hat in the second row

How stupid can you be?


Here’s how Florida State decided to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with a photoshop of him doing the Tomahawk Chop while wearing a receiver’s glove. 

Not sports

A plane full of passengers was stranded at a remote Canadian air force base for almost a full day after an emergency landing. ... Canadians aren’t happy about losing the record for world’s largest moose statue to Norway. ... A Kentucky driver tried to drive through a nine-foot snowman without realizing that the base was a tree stump. ... Scientists have discovered a new species of prehistoric shark and named it after an old video game.

Gordon Ramsey judges Shawn Marion and Caron Butler’s cooking

How to stop package thieves

New Spider-Man trailer

A good song

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