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Best bet of Super Bowl Sunday

If I was going to start betting on sports, this is exactly how I’d do it.

According to offshore bookmaker Bovada, one gambler put down $2 on an extraordinarily improbable parlay and walked away with $1,131.58.

The bettor, identified only as Nate, bet at odds of +2,000 that there wouldn’t be a single touchdown in the first half of the Super Bowl and at +2,599 that Tom Brady’s first pass of the game would be picked off. Parlayed together, he got odds of +56,579.

So when that exact scenario played out, Nate won $1,131.58. From betting the change in his pocket. 

I said I’d make this kind of bet, but I’d never actually make this bet. I never would have believed that the game could be a defensive struggle. I definitely would have bet on Brady to throw a pick, though, since I was rooting for that to happen anyway. 

Very, very spicy gossip from Windhorst

Brian Windhorst is basically saying the Pelicans had no intention of trading Anthony Davis to the Lakers and decided to string L.A. along as revenge for tampering with Davis. And the result is everyone on the Lakers got freaked out that they were going to be traded and now the team is in total disarray. Brilliant move. 

Five putts, almost $9,000

You’re not supposed to be able to hit five putts in a row from increasing distances on a rug that spends all of its time rolled up in the bowels of the arena, but this Jazz fan managed to read the breaks in the old astroturf and walk away with $8,850. Even the crowd noise didn’t bother him.

The best of SI

The Crossover’s team is live-blogging what should be a busy NBA trade deadline. ...Examining the fallout from a frenzied National Signing Day. ... Go behind the scenes with the coaching staff of the NHL-best Lightning.

Around the sports world

A Canadian hockey game between 11- and 12-year-olds devolved into a brawl involving 30 parents. ... Three University of New Hampshire football players were arrested after a brawl in which they allegedly wore the masks from the movie The Purge. ... Here’s a Sporcle quiz of every baseball-related Final Jeopardy clue (I got 36/41). ... This LeBron take is monumentally stupid, even by Jason Whitlock's standards.


LeBron doesn’t appreciate how it played out, either

Giannis was damn near unstoppable

43 points on 17–21 shooting!

Steve Kerr couldn’t resist a shot at the Lakers

Kevin Durant is fed up

Bad Lip Reading, NFL edition

Brady didn’t want to go for it

He’s a natural


The baseball team in Dale Earnhardt’s hometown won’t be named after him anymore

We can only hope

Not sports

Malört, the nasty liqueur Chicagoans usually only drink on a dare, is enjoying a moment. ... A New York man only realized his apartment was on fire because he got an alert from a neighborhood app. ... HBO just released the first photos from the new season of Game of Thrones.

HBO is making a documentary about the Serial case

I can’t believe I just watched an 11-minute video about aluminum cans

A good song

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