Bill Belchick didn’t wait very long

There’s one downside to the Patriots’ recent run of success. Bill Belichick has had to keep renaming his boat. 

Some time after winning New England’s third Super Bowl in 2005, Belichick named his boat “V Rings,” taking into account the two titles he won as defensive coordinator of the Giants. The Giants helpfully kept Belichick from having to rename the boat with wins over the Pats in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI.

But three wins in the past five years have forced a series of alterations to the vessel’s paint job, first to “VI Rings” then “VII Rings.” Now, less than two weeks after his eighth Super Bowl victory, Belichick’s boat already has another new name. 

It must be annoying that he has to keep doing this. 

This guy is a wide receiver

That’s former Ole Miss wideout D.K. Metcalf, who was listed at 6'4", 225 pounds as a rebel. He’ll be at the combine later this month where, judging by this photo, he’ll weigh in at 325. 

Is anybody else getting flashbacks to that old photo of former safety LaRon Landry?


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A good song

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