Report: Alleged Super Bowl Ticket Scammer Caught After Being Rude to Spa Worker

Georgia businessman Ketan Shah was said to be missing after allegedly scamming nearly a dozen people of more than $75,000.
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Have you ever gotten away with something you know you shouldn't have and can't live with the guilt, so you just spazz out? I'm not sure if that's what happened here, but I'm not saying it didn't.

A man named Ketan Shah allegedly pulled off a near-$1 million Super Bowl ticket scam in Georgia. According to ABC10 San Diego, some of the victims included several of Shah's family members, including his mother. (I never did this, but I know of kids who got in trouble for stealing, like, $10 from their parents. But a grown adult scamming their mother out of legitimate money—a reported $36,000—is... something. I'll say that.)

Shah apparently vanished after not following up on promises which netted him the money. His wife said he was in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

Investigators followed his trail to Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and Las Vegas. Then Shah reached Temecula, Calif., where he visited Pechanga Resort and Casino.

While visiting the resort, Shah was apparently difficult with 19-year-old spa concierge David Halliday. Shah, accompanied by a woman, demanded service ahead of others.

"He came in with his girlfriend," Halliday said. "Just from the offset, he seemed a bit different from the usual guests we have in the spa."

Shah was paying with cash too, which prompted Halliday to google the guest's name. After seeing results come up surrounding the alleged ticket scam, Halliday alerted security, and the Riverside County Sheriff's Department was brought in before arresting Shah.

Shah is expected to be extradited to Georgia to face theft charges. And he'll probably receive a stern talking to from his mother once he's back, too.