1. Nobody likes to have less fun than the NFL, its coaches, and its owners.

The league shockingly loosened the celebration rules a couple of years ago, but it seems the coaches think things have gotten out of control. 

According to a report, the league is considering a rule that would ban players on the sideline to come out onto the field to celebrate with teammates.

“If you’re on the field, fine,” a source told the Washington Post. “There would be no changes there. [But] there are some coaches and some clubs who don’t want to have players leaving the bench area to participate.”

GOD FORBID a player leaves the sideline and runs out a few feet on the field to celebrate with their teammates. How could such a dastardly act be allowed? How on earth could a player who leaves the bench to celebrate recover in time to participate in game action? Why on earth would anyone want to do something as crazy as run onto the field to join teammates for a little fun?

Thank goodness NFL coaches are on top of something so important and significant. Where would we be without these men obsessed with discipline and a low threshhold for tomfoolery!

2. Frequent SI Media Podcast guest Andrew Marchand of the New York Postpoints out that ESPN and Adam Schefter have had some very questionable moments lately.

3. I always love getting emails from readers. They're so much more meaningful than a tweet. For example, here's an email Joe sent after reading Traina Thoughts on Monday and my list of hot takes, which included my take that Bruce Springsteen's music is awful.

"Dude, what the f--k is wrong with you? I mean, you have gone on record as saying you prefer the music of Chris Daughtry over Bruce F--king Springsteen? Do you know what that sounds like? Springsteen is a goddamn American treasure. The other dude is f--king bald with a voice like he's gargling hamsters. That isn't a matter of opinion. Do you have ANY taste? You can't say you like a 3rd graders artwork over fu-king Rembrandt and say, 'Well, that's my opinion.' You can't say Kathy Griffith is more attractive than Charlize Theron and say 'It's my opinion.' Your opinion is stupid. And wrong. People like you are the ones who vote Taco Bell the best Mexican restaurant; who prefer the Jerk II to the original; who likes it when they colorize old movies. I don't know what the f--k to even say to you right now. It's like I don't even know you anymore, man. I thought we were e-friends. How can you be so funny and clever and entertaining, and a Yankee fan (best team ever), and yet have such god-awful, shit, flat-out wrong taste? Ten bucks says you like the Schumaker Batman movies over Nolan's. Jesus. I have not been this disappointed by another man since my father. You're breaking my heart, Jimmy. "

So much here. For starters, I haven't seen any Batman movie, so I have no opinion. Also, poor Joe has no idea what an opinion is. I'm perfectely aware that Springsteen is an American tresure. I also believe he sounds like he's constipated when he sings and his songs are terrible.

4. Batista vs. Triple H at WrestleMania? Zzzzzzzzzzzz....

5. A New York restaurant decided to mock the Robert Kraft scandal by offering a "jerk and pulled" chicken sandwich while also donating the proceeds from the sandwich to a child advocacy center and the results were not good at all.

6. This is one of the most insane stats you'll ever see. THIRTY SEVEN WEEKS.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Guillermo at the Oscars was the best thing about the Oscars.

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