You can see how much it meant to him

Dwyane Wade made a dream come true for Hawks rookie Kevin Huerter after Atlanta’s game against the Heat last night.

Huerter grew up in upstate New York idolizing Wade, wearing his shoes and jersey number. He had to wear No. 4 at Maryland because the Terps retired 3 for Juan Dixon but he switched right back to Wade’s number after being taken in the first round by the Hawks. 

After the game, Wade approached Huerter and said he wanted to swap jerseys with him. 

“For as long as I can remember, me and my brother would wear his shoes when we were younger,” Huerter told reporters. “We’d watch his game. He was really one of the first NBA guys I looked up to.”

As you can tell by Huerter’s face, he was clearly floored by the request. 


“Earlier in the year, a good friend told me about him when he was younger that he used to wear my shoes and the No. 3 because of me, he looked up to me,” Wade said in an on-court interview with Fox Sports Sun. “So I knew I was going to surprise the last time we played them. But I really like his game. He’s someone since preseason when we played him to all the way up to now he’s gotten so much better. So from one No. 3 to another, I thought I’d switch jerseys with him.”

“The look on his face, I understood it meant a lot to him,” Wade added later.

That’s definitely the highlight of Huerter’s first NBA season.

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