1. If you're Warren Buffett, a company bracket pool with a $10 or $20 entry, just ain't gonna cut it. You need to go BIG for the NCAA Tournament, and the man worth $84 billion has done just that.

Buffett is offering $1 MILLION A YEAR FOR LIFE to anyone in his company who can pick the Sweet 16 correctly. There are a lot of places that offer some crazy monetary prize if you can pick the entire bracket correctly, which is totally unrealistic. Buffett, though, is spicing up his office pool by setting a goal that isn't completely crazy. According to Forbes, in 2017, 18 out of 18 million people in ESPN's bracket tournament accurately picked the Sweet 16.

The only knock on the 88-year-old Buffett is that he should really open this up to everyone, not just the 400,000 employees at Berkshire Hathaway, where Buffett is CEO.

Here's the key question, though: If you correctly pick the Sweet 16 and you win the $1-million-a-year prize, do you have to stay on the job, because I'd be outta here in a heartbeat.

2. Yesterday, we learned that Phillies first baseman Carlos Santana smashed a TV in the team's clubhouse because his teammates were playing too much Fortnite. Now the Blue Jays are instituting a pregame curfew because players were too wrapped up in Fortnite before games last season.

3. Steph Curry did a Steph Curry thing Monday night. More impressive than the shot was the lift he got during his celebration.

4. On last week's Monday Night Raw, Batista and Triple H engaged in an embarrassingly bad promo. However, one creative individual salvaged the cringeworthy bit by speeding up their voices. 

5. Here's the wildest story you'll read today. A man enjoying a meal at Taco Bell got up to get some hot sauce. Just when he did, a car drove into the restaurant, right where he was sitting.. 

6. The SI Media Podcast that drops first thing Wednesday features an interview with the legendary Bill Raftery. If you haven't listened yet to last week's episode with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, who talked about returning to wrestling after battling leukemia, check it out now.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: I just hope $430 million doesn't prevent Mike Trout from becoming a meterologist when he retires from baseball.

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IN CLOSING: I'm giving ESPN a complete pass on the women's bracket accidentally getting leaked on Monday. Accidents happen in this business. This was hardly the first time someone in the video department put up a wrong graphic by mistake and it won't be the last.