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Daniel Jones?!?!?!?

While it’s a toss-up between the Giants and the Raiders for who made the most head-scratching selection of the first night of the NFL draft, there’s no doubt that Giants fans were more upset that their team took Duke quarterback Daniel Jones than Oakland fans were that they reached for Clemson pass-rusher Clelin Ferrell.

The Giants are in desperate need of a quarterback to succeed Eli Manning and were lucky to be picking sixth behind a bunch of teams that already sorted out their QB situations. They also need help on defense and held a second first-round pick at No. 17 that they could use on a passer in a deep QB draft.

So what did they do at No. 6? Did they take Kentucky pass-rusher Josh Allen, who surprisingly slipped to them after the Raiders took Ferrell? Did they take one of the quarterbacks Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock, widely considered neck-and-neck for the second-best QB prospect in the draft? No, they took Jones, the least imaginative pick possible and a guy who probably would have been available at No. 17.

Giants fans, whether they were in their living rooms, slightly inebriated at a New York bar, at the stadium or in Nashville (or on their couch beginning to work on this column) reacted with a mix of stunned disbelief and outright anger.

Somebody even made a five-minute compilation video of Giants fans’ despair (some NSFW language here).

Could you imagine what the reaction would have been like if the draft was still being held in New York?

The best reaction, though, came from Haskins.

Same, Dwayne. Same.

Bat flips are so last year

Forget bat flips, we’re on to backflips now. SoftBank Hawks infielder Kenji Akashi did a damn back handspring after hitting a walk-off homer against the Orix Buffaloes.

The best part, though, was definitely all of Akashi’s teammates realizing at the same time that he had missed the plate. That’s a heads-up play.

I love this stupid controversy

The biggest controversy in English soccer right now is Liverpool star Mohamed Salah deciding to travel to New York to be honored at the TIME 100 Gala just days before a key game against Huddersfield. His manager doesn’t care, but some fans sure did.

The weirdest thing, though, is ESPN apparently taking issue with Salah’s pizza order.

A crappy takeout pizza will run you like $25 in Manhattan, so I’ll probably end up checking out the spot Salah went to if you can get a fancy pizza like that for under $30.

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Oh boy, check a calendar next time

I guarantee this is in Portland

... Probably driven by these guys

A good song

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