What an insane sequence

A controversial goal, a fight and an even more controversial goal. This five-minute sequence at the end of Sunday’s Leeds United-Aston Villa game had everything. 

The two teams currently play in England’s second division and are fighting for promotion to the Premier League. The top two teams in the second tier achieve automatic promotion, while the next four go to a playoff for the final promotion spot. Leeds entered Sunday’s action in third while Villa was fifth, so this was a massive game. 

The match was scoreless in the 72nd minute when a Villa player went down with an injury. Villa fully expected the referee to whistle play dead so the player could receive attention, but he allowed play to go on. The sportsmanlike thing for Leeds to do would be to kick the ball out of play to stop the action, but they kept advancing downfield. The Villa players were caught flat-footed and Leeds took advantage by scoring the opening goal. 

Villa was irate with the decision by Leeds to score what it thought was a cheap goal and a huge fight broke out. Not a baseball-type fight where guys just get in each other’s faces—a real fight. 

The most shocking part, though, was what happened next. Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa ordered his team to allow Villa to score a goal.

The game ended in a 1–1 draw.

Bielsa is being hailed for his sportsmanship in the wake of the game and surely he did the right thing after his team failed to do the right thing by kicking the ball out. But it can’t be ignored that Villa simply gave up on the play without hearing the referee’s whistle. That’s a serious blunder.

Bielsa, though, stood by the decision to let Villa even the score. 

“We didn't gift them a goal, we gave it back,” Bielsa said after the match.

Well, they do call them the Brewers

Milwaukee outfielder Ryan Braun needed a new hat after a fan in Queens tried to catch a home run in his beer and ended up dousing Braun in suds. 

The play was actually reviewed for potential fan interference but the umpiring crew determined there was no interference and allowed Pete Alonso’s triple to stand. 

The best of SI

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Around the sports world

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I’ve never seen a basketball game end like this

Saturday night’s Spurs-Nuggets Game 7 ended in controversy when San Antonio failed to foul to stop the clock. The Spurs were down by four and the shot clock was off, so their only hope was to foul. But LaMarcus Aldridge allowed Nikola Jokic to dribble the clock out because he didn’t know the situation and couldn’t hear Gregg Popovich yelling at him

You gotta be kidding me

I don’t know who had it worse

English cities are too hard to pronounce

Just a ridiculous goal

Cop interference

Classic Belichick

Surely he was kidding...

... or not

It’s actually his brother, which makes the snub even more brutal

Pat McAfee should announce every draft pick

Colorado kid becomes a Bronco

I’ll never get how guys can survive crashes like this

Gobert has a point, but so does Mitchell

Congratulations to UMKC on landing store-brand Zion

Not sports

These are the five amounts Jeopardy! contestants are forbidden from wagering. ... Avengers: Endgame smashed box office records by raking in $1.2 billion in global ticket sales. ... Sigourney Weaver showed up at a high school production of Alien

What a getaway

The stupidest way to cut a pizza

A good song

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