Aww, how sweet

The in-stadium wedding proposal is as divisive a topic as there is in this world. Some people think it’s tacky, others think it’s touching to share your special moment with thousands of others. After seeing a man wearing a full Bridgeport Bluefish uniform propose in a half-empty Atlantic League park five years ago, I fell pretty squarely in the former camp. But this proposal at a Savannah Bananas game is just tacky enough to be kind of sweet. 

Clearly Christian and Larissa are ready to take the plunge into marriage if she can identify her man’s butt while blindfolded. 

The whole thing is obviously absurd, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t memorable. The Bananas are a collegiate wood-bat team with an in-stadium atmosphere that would make most MLB teams jealous. They’ve shattered Coastal Plain League attendance records every year since entering the league in 2016 and have sold out every game since the start of the 2017 season. There are only four games left with tickets available this season. And the fans aren’t just numerous, they’re enthusiastic. Listen to them go wild when Christian drops to his knee. It’s tough to hate that.  

Well that’s just embarrassing

Max Scherzer’s start scheduled for later today is up in the air after he broke his nose. How? Taking a ball to the face while practicing bunts before a game. Jeez, that has to be embarrassing. Good thing there’s no video footage of him bunting a ball directly into his nose.

Oh, wait...

For a guy who’s so absurdly intense on the mound, it’s a little shocking to see how lackadaisical he is during BP. 

Not as embarrassing as this, though

Bases loaded, one out, ahead in the count. Your odds of driving in a run or two are pretty high if you put a good swing on the ball. They’re much lower if you swing at a pitch in the dirt and two feet wide. 

But Frazier still ended up working a walk.

The best of SI

Transgender wrestler Nyla Rose is quietly making history. ... It’s so cool to have former Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs writing about NFL labor issues for SI. ... New details in the David Ortiz shooting give us a better idea of what happened

Around the sports world

The Celtics are in bad shape now that Kyrie Irving and Al Horford are both reportedly expected to leave. ... John Fox’s criticism of the Bears’ kicking situation is pretty rich, considering the role he played in it. ... The Bills are looking for a couple to get married on the field during halftime of this year’s game against the Patriots. ... Former Panthers running back Rod Smart (aka “He Hate Me”) was found safe after being missing for nearly a week. ... Lenny Dykstra spent nine hours searching through a dumpster for his dentures

Max Kepler tied it in the 13th and won it in the 17th

Kawhi is really going wild

Buddy Hield with the well-played yo momma joke

You can be a famous millionaire but still not get a hotel room

This move is incredible

SI Recommends

Don’t try this at home

It’s literally incredible that Fred McGriff is 55

Last Chance U is coming back

Not sports

A dead baby found in a New York park was determined to be a doll after a three-hour investigation. ... Parts of Russia have been blanketed by “huge clouds” of flies, believed to be caused by a farmer illegally fertilizing his fields with a thousand tons of chicken poop. ... The feds found 16 tons (worth $1 billion) of cocaine at the Port of Philadelphia

Paul Giamatti’s life seems eerily close to James Adomian’s impression

A massive weed farm was found hiding in plain sight in an abandoned bingo hall

Give Elon Musk six months before he tries to make this for real

(Here’s how the woman in the video made it.)

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

The name of this boat is—not kidding—“Big Nutz Required II.”

A good song

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