Those windows aren’t made of plexiglass

One New Jersey kid had a birthday party he’ll never forget, thanks to the antics of the Devils’ mascot.

The mascot (creatively named “NJ Devil”) participated in the usual activities for a small child’s party and had the bright idea to add a little slapstick comedy by running into a plate glass window.

This angle captures the sheer shock on the faces of all the kids when NJ’s body check went horribly awry.

Despite the destruction, the birthday boy’s dad said the party was a hit.

Booking NJ Devil for your kid’s birthday party costs $250 for a 30-minute appearance and includes perks like a gift bag for the birthday kid and autographs for attendees. The Devils’ website doesn’t say anything about glass repair, though.

The best of SI

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Bryce has a CANNON

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Got hit with a foul ball tonight and it left an imprint of the stitches on the side of my head. from r/baseball

So this is a thing you can do now

Just briliant camera work

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Russ approves

Six men in the outfield!

Just have him play from the bench

You should get to go to second for this

We’ve all been there

Country strong

At the death!

The Arabic call is even better.

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Thank god no one was hurt

The spin-off we definitely need

A good song

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