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It looks like he just wanted a handshake. 

By Dan Gartland
July 22, 2019

This man has reinvented streaking

When a fan runs on the field, he’s guaranteed to get tackled by a security guard harder than a linebacker hits a running back. But what if he just takes an easy Sunday stroll across the diamond instead. 

One man at Sunday’s Phillies-Pirates game in Pittsburgh leisurely ambled toward home plate in the top of sixth inning, with the apparent goal of shaking Phillies utilityman Brad Miller’s hand. Miller backed away slowly as if the man was a leper, but at least the man was taken into custody just as peacefully as he entered the playing surface.

A couple of local photographers captured some great shots of the unidentified man’s saunter. 

The man was identified only as a 24-year-old from Central Pennsylvania. Cops say he told them he was dared to do it by a friend, according to WPXI. The friend better have paid his bail. 

Is that who I think it is?

Yes, that’s Shaq getting down in the front row at an EDM festival in Belgium. Everyone hates the tall guy in front of them at a standing-room concert and there’s no one worse to be stuck behind than the Big Diesel. 

Shaq wasn’t just there as a fan, though. He also performed a set as DJ Diesel. 

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A good song

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