Traina Thoughts: Instagram Found Out Anthony Davis Was Traded to the Lakers Before Anthony Davis Found Out

Instagram knew Anthony Davis was traded to Lakers before Anthony Davis.
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1. Anthony Davis appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live and revealed how he found out he was going from the Pelicans to the Lakers.

It seems Davis doesn't fully trust his agent, because he didn't completely believe he'd be heading to L.A. until he confirmed it on ... Instagram. Here's what he told Kimmel:

"I'm in Malibu in this hotel, watching a movie, Downsizing, with the great Matt Damon ... and my agent is calling me and calling me and when I'm watching movies I don't like to be interrupted. So I look [at my phone] and he calls right back. I put it on vibrate so I won't hear it. He calls again, and I'm like, 'Alright, it's gotta be something important.' So I call him and he was like 'Man, I've been trying to reach you. You just got traded to the Lakers.' But he was like, 'But, I gotta call you right back. I'm on the phone with the GM.' So I hang up and I'm like, 'Wait, I haven't heard anything about this. So me being a 26-year-old, I go to Instagram. It's on Instagram. It was everywhere. So I kinda figured it was true."

Props to Davis for being self-aware enough to know that his reliance on Instagram is a little ridiculous and for slyly mentioning Kimmel's mortal enemy, Matt Damon, during the interview, but it doesn't change the fact that he needed social media to confirm what his own agent told him. What a time we live in.

Davis also shared the details of the text LeBron James sent him after the trade, Taco Tuesday and the uniform number switch and non-switch story during the interview, which you can watch above.

2. Davis has company when it comes to athletes' reliance on social media for news about their respective leagues.

3. You've seen a lot of coverage of the Reds-Pirates brawl from last night by now, but this is the breakdown you must watch.

4. Bills quarterback Josh Allen might be the nicest autograph signer in sports.

5. FOX has announced its 2019 NFL broadcast teams and there isn't much change from last season.

• Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Erin Andrews and Kristina Pink
• Kevin Burkhardt, Charles Davis and Pam Oliver
• Kenny Albert, Rondé Barber and various reporters
• Thom Brennaman, Chris Spielman and Shannon Spake
• Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston and Laura Okmin
• Dick Stockton, Mark Schlereth and Jennifer Hale

Buck, Aikman, Andrews and Pink will continue to do double duty, calling games on Sunday and Thursday.

6. Goodfellas 2.0 looks reallllly good.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Rowdy Roddy Piper passed away on this date four years ago. If you grew up a WWF fan in the '80s, there was no more iconic moment than this.

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