Oakland Raiders

Somebody needs a geography lesson.

By Dan Gartland
August 22, 2019

Somebody needs a geography lesson

The Raiders landed yesterday in Winnipeg for a preseason game against the Packers tonight. It’s a good thing rookie punter AJ Cole wasn’t flying the plane, otherwise they probably would have landed at the wrong airport.

The Raiders tweeted some photos of the team arriving in Canada, and two special teamers decided to add a local flavor to their travel attire. 

Notice anything wrong with Cole’s shirt, though? 

Oakland Raiders

Yep, Winnipeg is in Manitoba, not Alberta. Hell, Manitoba and Alberta don’t even border each other. Saskatchewan is between them. 

Cole, to his credit, was a good sport about the flub. He apologized in the local dialect and had a little fun at his own expense. 

Cole blamed the error on Amazon. Sure enough, if you search for “Winnipeg shirt” on Amazon, the seventh result is a yellow version of Cole’s shirt. The one in Raiders colors that he ended up picking is a little bit farther down the first page. 

The next episode of Hard Knocks better spend at least 90 seconds on this. 

That’s the best you could do?

The names and logos for the eight teams in the new XFL have been revealed and they’re disappointingly lameWhat’s more, at least a few of the logos seem like cheap knockoffs of existing ones. 

The Seattle one looks eerily like UAB’s. 

Houston’s somehow managed to steal from both the old Oilers and a second-tier soccer team. 

The St. Louis team’s logo should look familiar to Star Wars fans. 

I love this guy

It’s only natural that the Braves’ Triple A affiliate would have a knockoff version of The Freeze. I may dare to say that this guy is even more entertaining than the original. You think the video is going to go one way, but then it doesn’t. 

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