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1. We are just one week away from the start of the 2019 NFL season, so I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I just can't help myself.

Every year, I always become irrationaly irate on this day of the final preseason games when I remember that the NFL forces fans to pay full price for tickets to a game in which, for the most part, not one starting player sees any action. Most people watching these games tonight won't know 95 percent of the players they see on the field.

As I've always said, sports fans are not rational. We're also so used to be treated like crap from leagues, teams, TV networks, etc, that we become immune to things we have to deal with on a regular basis -- such as NFL season-ticket holders being forced to pay full price for tickets to two exhibition games that are completely unwatchable. The expression is "being robbed blind," but in this case, you're being robbed while your eyes are wide open. You see it happening and there is zero you can do about it, except give up your season tickets. This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole: the league is stealing your money. 

And yet stadiums across country will be filled tonight as every NFL team plays its final exhibition game of 2019. I can't think of a bigger scam in all of sports. If you can, please hit me up on Twitter and let me know.

2. Adam Schefter has responded to the absurd blowback he received for breaking the Andrew Luck retirement story while the Colts were playing one of those meaningless games that don't count.

3. While everyone is debating Carli Lloyd becoming an NFL kicker, Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin has other ideas.

4. If you need something to put a smile on your face today, just watch Shaq trying to get into a smart car.

5. Here's where we stand with the SI Media Podcast. If you haven't listend to Chris Fowler's appearance from last week, you should. He was outstanding talking about his play-by-play gigs for tennis and college football. He also reminisced about his days on College GameDay and working with Lee Corso.

I took this week off, but my colleague, Jacob Feldman, filled in for me and hosted a roundtable discussion with Peter King, Bob Ley, Ann Killion and Dave Simms, who were together at the National Sports Media Awards ceremony.

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6. I posted this on Twitter last night and got great feedback, so here it is for all you smart people who don't use Twitter.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Since I mentioned Debbie Downer at the top, here is one of the most memorable skits in Saturday Night Live history.

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IN CLOSING: Pretty decent college football slate of action tonight to kick off Week 1, especially if you're a bettor. Clemson -37 should get you off to a winning week.