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Andy Reid Once Demolished a 40-oz. Steak in Just 19 Minutes

In Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: A story of Andy Reid’s prodigious appetite, an embarrassing Ravens blunder and

This “challenge” was a walk in the park for Andy Reid

Chiefs coach Andy Reid standing on the sidelines

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a larger-than-life figure. Just ask the poor kids who had to compete against him in a 1973 Punt, Pass & Kick competition. Or the waitstaff at Green Bay’s most popular steakhouse.

In advance of what could be Reid’s 200th win as an NFL head coach (Kansas City faces Indianapolis on Sunday Night Football in Week 5), ESPN just published a lengthy oral history of his career told by the people who know him best. There are tales of his childhood pranks growing up in Los Angeles, a moving section about the sudden death of his son in 2012 and so much more. I could pick any number of anecdotes to highlight here, but I want to focus on the time Reid and Steve Mariucci went out for steaks in Green Bay.

It was 1992 and Mike Holmgren had hired Mariucci as quarterbacks coach and Reid as tight ends coach. The pair hit it off immediately.

“Holmgren threw us in the same office, which was more like a closet,” Mariucci told ESPN. “So yeah, you get to know someone really well. But it was fun. We started from the bottom like you're supposed to. We coached against each other in T-ball. And we ate. We ate, man. One night we were at the Prime Quarter and we both order a giant 40-ounce steak. This thing is huge. The girl comes out and tells us if we eat this thing in under an hour you get your picture on the wall and a chef's hat and all that. Andy finished his in 19 minutes. I ate mine in 30. Our picture is still on the wall there.”

I wonder if they changed the rules after Andy and Mooch made a mockery of the challenge.

This video doesn’t show what you think it does, Ravens

After a clip of Baltimore defensive back Marlon Humphrey apparently choking Odell Beckham Jr. went viral, the team attempted to clear Humphrey’s name by posting slow-mo video of the incident and having a writer for the team website write a 700-word article breaking it down like the Zapruder film.

So the video shows that Humphrey didn’t wrap his hand around Beckham’s neck and choke him like Homer Simpson throttling Bart. But what do you call pinning someone to the ground and pressing your first into their throat?

It’s just such a confusing move by the Ravens to drag this story up again instead of letting it blow over.

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