Brad Stevens and Pete Buttigieg Wore Halloween ‘Costumes’ of Each Other

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: Brad Stevens and Mayor Pete’s exceptionally lame costumes and bunch more Halloween goodies.
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That’s not a costume!

Split image of Celtics coach Brad Stevens and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg

Celtics coach Brad Stevens and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg have a lot in common. They’re both slim white guys with short brown hair from Indiana who wear dress clothes to work.

For Halloween, they thought it would be fun if they dressed as each other. 

Here’s Buttigieg wearing the classic baseball cap we all love to see basketball coaches wearing as they patrol the sideline. 

And here’s Stevens wearing a blue tie. 

These are not costumes. This is what they both wear every single day. You can’t just wear your normal clothes and call it a Halloween costume. 

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I forgot to include this yesterday

A good song

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