One NFL Beat Reporter Had The Worst Mason Rudolph-Myles Garrett Take: TRAINA THOUGHTS

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1. We now live in a world where it's completely routine for people to tell you that you didn't see something that you actually saw with your own two eyes.

What happened last night was as simple and as straight-forward as it gets. Myles Garrett took a football helmet and tried to slam it on top of Mason Rudolph's head. Nothing else needs to be explained. Nothing else needs to be said. Nothing else matters. 

Naturally, fans will try to spin it. Players will try to spin it. People who know Garrett will try to spin it. 

However, you'd expect an NFL beat reporter to be above it all. So it was stunning, to me at least, to see Atlanta Journal-Constitution Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter die on the hill that Mason Rudolph was just as much to blame for what happened last night as Myles Garret.

Again, as you read these absurd tweets, keep in mind that this take isn't coming from some wack-job fan. This is an actual NFL beat reporter. 

Congrats to Ledbetter. With just six weeks remaining in 2019, he has clearly wrapped up the "Dumbest Sports Take of the Year" award. 

It's actually a tie, but Lebetter is responsible for both winners with "Mason Rudolph should get suspended" and "Mason Rudolph should get the same suspension as Myles Garrett."

2. While everyone on Twitter has been completely losing their minds over the past 12 hours, the most amusing takes came from a bunch of fans who couldn't help but wonder what the ramifications would be if this happened to Tom Brady instead of Mason Rudolph, with jail and the electric chair being the leaders in the clubhouse.

3. While Garrett is Public Enemy No. 1 right now, don't sleep on the bush league move by Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, who delivered another cheap shot on Rudolph after Garrett had already assaulted him. Keep your eye on No. 65 below.

4. This was Erin Andrews's report on the FOX telecast right before the game started. Talk about foreshadowing...

5. Speaking of Andrews, it's been "Pile on Baker Mayfield Season" for a few weeks, but the people who like to rip his "attitude" had to be befuddled by his reasonable, sensible and accurate response to Garrett's outrageous behavior.

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7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Today would've been the 67th birthday of the legendary Randy "Macho Man" Savage. 

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