One Person Makes Medical Marijuana Pitch For Browns/Bengals Fans: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. Medical marijuana can be used to treat many things from cancer to anxiety.

Should it also be used to help people who root for awful sports teams? One person in Ohio thinks so.

According to the State Medical Board of Ohio, someone submitted a petition to add "Bengals/Browns Fans" as a qualifying condition under the state's Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Sure, this could open a Pandora's box and fans of the Knicks or Lions or Orioles could try to get in on this action and maybe "Bengals/Browns fan" doesn't seem as dire as "chronic pain" or "depression," but nobody can argue that people who root for the Bengals or Browns need something to easy the pain.

We will monitor this story and keep you posted on the results of the petition.

2. Here are the viewership numbers from Wild-Card weekend.

Bills-Texans, ABC/ESPN: 26.4 million

Titans-Patriots, CBS: 31.4 million

Vikings-Saints, FOX: 30.8 million viewers

Seahawks-Eagles, NBC: 35.8 million viewers

It was the NFL's most-watched Wild-Card weekend in four years and was up seven percent over last year's Wild-Card games, which averaged 28.6 million viewers.

3. Ken Rosenthal reports that the 2018 Red Sox took a page from the Astros' book and did some illegal video cheating of their own.

Mike Francesa, though, said a couple of months ago that there was no way this could happen because he has sat near the Red Sox dugout.

4. J.J. Watt is not a fan of clickbait tactics.

5. Warriors coach Steve Kerr REALLY wanted the ref to wake up Monday night.

6. Traina Thoughts recently told you about Shaq being a "Stevie Wonder Isn't Blind" truther. The Big Diesel reiterated his stance on The Tonight Show on Monday.

7. If you missed it over the New Year's Eve holiday, I taped a new edition of the SI Media Podcast. It was a short episode in which I broke down the 10 Worst Things That People Tweet and I spoke to my dad for a few minutes.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

8. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Paul McCartney and Billy Joel duet of Let It Be.

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