LSU Releases Amazing Hype Video Ahead of National Championship vs. Clemson

In Friday’s Hot Clicks: LSU’s incredible national championship hype video, the story behind a viral high school basketball call and more.
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LSU is the national champion of hype videos

If you need a reason to root for LSU in the national championship game on Monday (beyond Dabo Swinney being the most self-righteous hypocrite in the extremely self-righteous, hypocritical world of college football) then check out this hype video the Tigers dropped on Thursday.

It looks, sounds and feels just like a really good movie trailer. There’s no way to watch that video and not wish the game was tomorrow. 

The two breakout stars for LSU this season have been Joe Burrow, who transformed from a wholly average quarterback into a Heisman winner and surefire No. 1 NFL draft pick, and video coordinator Matt Karin. 

Back in November, Karin captured some striking footage of Burrow making his final entrance at Death Valley. The video went mega-viral, racking up nearly 10 million views on Twitter alone.

Karin and the rest of the video team, under the direction of coordinator of creative and digital content Matt Tornquist, put out stunning videos like those on a regular basis. 

Producing viral videos isn’t just good for getting fans pumped up for a big game, though. It’s also a massive recruiting tool. Recruits are always on social media and if they see an amazing video like the ones LSU puts out, they can start to visualize themselves in the place of Burrow or Justin Jefferson or Clyde Edwards-Helaire. That’s what a team needs to make sure a trip to the title game isn’t a one-off.

I still can’t believe he said this

The video above is probably my favorite 14 seconds of 2020 thus far. I was so flabbergasted that I had to call the announcer and get his side of the story

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I’m late to this but it was fantastic

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He embarrassed him

Not bad for a defenseman

Mississippi State’s video announcing the Mike Leach hiring is pretty awesome

It all comes full circle

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She was so confident

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Life in Scandinavia is one big metal album and you can’t convince me otherwise

Follow your dreams

A good song

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