Dear Tony Romo, Please Stay With CBS: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. Tony Romo may call his last game for CBS this Sunday when the Titans face the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game.

Romo's three-year deal with the network is set to expire after this season and potential suitors can make their bids to acquire the best analyst in the game. (The man even breaks down a Stone Cold Steve Austin celebration like no other.)

Obviously, ESPN and Monday Night Football could be major players for Romo, although Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland remain under contract. Jim Miller and I discussed how all this could play out on this week's SI Media Podcast, which you can listen to below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

While Romo is entitled to do whatever he wants and do whatever he feels is best for his family, I'd like to make a plea that he stay with CBS. 

If the money offered from another network is significantly different, I can't have any issues with Tony jumping ship. But a two or three million dollar difference shouldn't cause Romo to make a change.

Let's focus on ESPN for now because it would be really hard to see FOX adding Romo since they have Troy Aikman; same for NBC, which has Cris Collinsworth.

The CBS job is infinitely better than the ESPN job. Each and every week, Romo calls the best AFC game. When that game is played at 4:25 pm, he also calls the highest-rated game of the week. The ESPN schedule is always mediocre and brings in significantly less viewers than the CBS game. 

At CBS, Romo calls three playoff games each year. At ESPN, he'd call one. CBS is in the Super Bowl rotation with FOX and NBC. ESPN is not.

At CBS, Romo has his play-by-play partner in Jim Nantz for as long as the two want to call games. At ESPN, nobody knows who Romo's play-by-play partner would be. And don't discount how much Nantz has helped make Romo the smash success that he is.

There are some wild-card factors in play here. The NFL is expected to redo its television and streaming deals in the coming months, so maybe something happens—like ABC/Disney getting Thursday night football and/or a Super Bowl—that changes all the variables. 

But if things remain similar to the way they are now, with ESPN's Monday Night Football getting what's usually the fourth-best game of the week behind the Sunday 4:25 game, the Sunday night game on NBC and the Thursday night game on FOX, it would make no sense for Romo to leave CBS unless the money is completely out of control.

2. This Chiefs fan, who paid $200 for his ticket, claims he left Sunday's game against the Texans when Kansas City was down 21-0, to change the mojo. So it wasn't just Patrick Mahomes's insane ability and Bill O'Brien not knowing how to coach a game that were responsible for the Chiefs' wild comeback victory.

Even LeBron thought the game was over.

3. The Rock narrated this pump up video for LSU and we can only hope tonight's title game is half as good.

4. It should be required that every postgame interview reveals what type of drink the athlete plans on consuming that night as he or she celebrates/unwinds. 

5. The trash talking from Jeopardy "Greatest of all Time" contestants continued throughout the weekend.

6. Remember the commercial for the political chess set that I posted last week? Well, I'll be giving away three of these sets later this week so make sure you check out Traina Thoughts all week.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its 10th season this Sunday, so I'll be featuring videos from the show all week. Here's a scene from the first episode, which took place 20 years ago.

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