Four Guys Threw BYU’s Mascot Into Orbit for an Insane Dunk

In Monday’s Hot Clicks: A ridiculous dunk by BYU’s mascot, the XFL’s first weekend and more.
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You won’t see this at the NBA dunk contest

Who knew cougars could fly?

The highlight of BYU’s blowout win over San Francisco on Saturday came during the first timeout of the second half, when BYU mascot Cosmo the Cougar was launched through the air for a ridiculous dunk. 

Four members of BYU’s dunk team (yes, they have a dunk team) gathered beyond the three-point line and threw Cosmo like a shot put. The mascot soared high in the air, caught a pass from someone on the ground and threw it down. 

Here it is from a few different angles. 

That’s just ridiculously impressive. They threw Cosmo more than 22 feet and he must have reached a maximum height of about 15 feet. They almost threw him too far—he very nearly hit his head on the rim. 

I hate to burst anyone’s bubble but according to local radio station KSL, Cosmo needed multiple attempts to actually convert the dunk. In the NBA dunk contest, that would knock your score down to a 9 out of 10. 

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The NFL should have implemented this years ago

This seems like a decent way to make kickoffs safer

NFL coaches would never go for this, though

The XFL already has streakers

The XFL still has its kinks to work out

He got what was coming to him

Hard seltzer is not meant to be consumed responsibly

We’ve all been there

20 feet, 3 inches!

This was very well done by ESPN

Punk had the most athletic performance of the weekend

They always had the touch from deep

Not sports

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Stephen A. is everywhere!

I bet it goes right to your thighs

Oh, sure. “Hackers.”

Very mixed reception for Eminem from the Oscars crowd

A good song

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