French Soccer Player Suspended Five Years for Biting Opponent’s Penis

In Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: A shocking act of violence in an amateur soccer game, LeBron’s reaction to the Astros scandal and more.
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Five years might be light

A soccer referee issues a red card, with his back to the camera

An amateur soccer player in France has been suspended for five years for biting an opponent’s penis during a fight on the pitch. 

The incident occurred during a game in November between SC Terville and AS Soetrich, two clubs in the eastern region of Lorraine, separated by just a 10-minute drive. When two players began fighting, the unidentified victim (a Terville player) stepped in to break it up, according to local news site Lorraine Actu. That’s when the Soetrich player bit the Terville player on the penis. 

The victim was forced to go to the emergency room, where he received a dozen stitches to close the wound and was deemed unfit to work for four days. 

The matter was referred to the disciplinary arm of the local soccer governing body, which ruled this week that the Soetrich player be suspended for five years. His club was also fined €200. 

Incredibly, the victim and his club were also punished. He was suspended until June 30, 2020, for his actions in the locker room and in the parking lot. Terville was fined €200 and docked two points in the league standings. 

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Cool. I hate it. 

I didn’t expect the finished product to look this way

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A good song

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