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Carmelo Anthony Details How LeBron Saved His Life When He Was Drowning in the Bahamas

In Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: Melo shares a harrowing story about LeBron James, news on ESPN’s MJ documentary and more.
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LeBron to the rescue

Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony did an Instagram Live chat over the weekend, and Melo gave us a story of a different kind of heroism from LeBron. 

Wade’s wife, Gabrielle Union, asked Melo to tell the story of “when we were in the Bahamas and it didn’t look like you were going to make it.” Melo was taken aback and said just thinking of the incident made him sweat, but he did end up recounting the harrowing ordeal. 

LeBron, Melo and D-Wade were vacationing in the Bahamas and had taken a boat out to snorkel and swim to a cave. When the rest of the crew returned to the boat, Melo lingered in the water for a bit. Then he felt himself being pulled by the current ”in the middle of the ocean, opposite from the boat.”

That’s when LeBron leapt into action.

“Then I look up at the boat, and I see Bron jumped off the boat like he’s MacGyver,” Anthony said. “He jumped off the boat into the water. He was bringing me back with one arm. He’s swimming with the other arm and he’s carrying me in one arm.

“He saved my life. I can’t hold you. He saved my life, he saved my life.”

Oh, so LeBron’s a literal superhero. That makes sense. 

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