Cancel April Fools' Day Forever: Unchecked

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No more April Fools. Ever. Let’s throw that day in one of the Houston Astros trash cans. Because things are no joke right now and I never want to hear the word hoax again.

In fact there’s two-two word combinations I don’t want to see anymore...coronavirus pandemic and to a lesser degree April Fools. So don’t tell me the NFL Draft is canceled when I know full well the NFL is going to go through with that come hell or high water. And obviously considering the circumstances today is not the time to trick anyone about their favorite team, league or anything in between.

But I’m not talking about simply skipping this year, let’s cancel it for good. I'm against cancel culture however this is an exception. Everyone will surely remember why and I believe most will be more than satisfied with such a decision. What does an actual April Fools joke even consist of? Hey, here’s something you will love...sike! Or hey here’s something terrible...sike! What is funny about that?

Has anyone ever been happy to be on the receiving end of an April Fools prank? I can be wrong without anyone tricking me. That’s for sure.

I'm certainly glad the announcement of the Michael Jordan documentary came yesterday. And I'm hopeful the NBA, MLB and sports will return. I’m also hopeful life can return to some sense of normalcy. 

But without any tricks. So therefore I hope I’ve experienced the last April Fools' Day because current circumstances should show just how stupid it is.

I pity any fools still going through with it. Let this live forever as the best April Fools' Day prank to ever exist.