Brian Dozier Bangs on Trash Can During Nationals’ World Series Game 7 Watch Party

In Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Brian Dozier takes a swipe at the Astros, the guy who made one of the weirdest shots in NBA history retires and more.
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“Take his camera away!”

With baseball season on pause, the Nationals are free to continue celebrating their World Series victory. 

Nats broadcaster MASN reaired Game 7 of the 2019 World Series against the Astros on Tuesday night and the players joined a Zoom conference call with announcer Dan Kolko to chat as the game was going on, which was streamed on Facebook live for fans to watch. 

It seemed like a good time. 

Gerardo Parra, calling in from Japan, complimented Stephen Strasburg on his glasses (“You look so many sexies”). Max Scherzer informed the group that he’d already had three Yuenglings by the time he logged in. Matt Adams had the World Series trophy right next to him on his couch. 

But the star, by far, was Brian Dozier. 

Dozier, who left Washington this weekend to sign with the Padres, had all his teammates cracking up, especially during Juan Soto’s eighth-inning at bat. It was a clutch spot, so Dozier offered to help Soto out by picking up the trash can in his living room and banging on it with a wooden spoon. 

“Take his camera away!” Trea Turner yelled. 

Sean Doolittle just covered his face with his shirt. 

“No, it’s OK, he’s on the Padres,” Ryan Zimmerman said. “The Padres’ GM is going to get calls tomorrow.”

Later in the broadcast, the trash can made another appearance when Dozier started dancing (shirtless) with it on his head.

These guys really need to start playing baseball again. They’re clearly going wild without it. 

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