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FOX Needs a No. 2 NFL Analyst and We Have Suggestions: TRAINA THOUGHTS


1. While the past few months have been all about Tony Romo's contract and the future of Monday Night Football's booth, we were treated to a good, old fashion NFL broadcasting shakeup over the weekend. And it was significant.

The first domino fell when CBS decided not to retain its No. 2 analyst, Dan Fouts, who has worked with Ian Eagle for several years.

I was hoping CBS would elevate Adam Archuleta to that position. I've written before that Archuleta is one of the more underrated analysts out there and he would've been a fine choice if CBS decided to stay in-house.

However, CBS moved fast to fill Fouts' job and it was a shocker. The network plucked Charles Davis from FOX's No. 2 crew.

Davis, who started at FOX calling college football, has been paired with Kevin Burkhardt in recent years.

These changes are significant because the No. 2 crew for each network calls a playoff game. Now it's FOX that has to fill a prime job and find someone to work with the excellent Burkhardt. Unlike CBS, FOX doesn't have much analyst depth, so staying in-house could be a problem.

While Troy Aikman is a solid "A" as the network's lead analyst, the rest of the roster—Mark Schlereth, Ronde Barber, Daryl Johnston, Chris Spielman— is, to put it kindly, meh.

However, FOX had an ace in the hole with Greg Olsen, who was excellent in calling a couple of games for them last season. However, Olsen passed on starting his broadcast career and signed with the Seahawks this offseason.

Here are a few suggestions for who FOX could have fill Davis's role:

Nate Burleson: Burleson has a unique personality and wouldn't be your typical cookie-cutter analyst. He has called a few games for NFL Network and has been a stand-out. FOX, though, would have to pry him from CBS's pregame show.

Kurt Warner: Warner does a great job calling Monday Night Football for Westwood One Radio and could easily slide into this role without any problems.

Dan Orlovsky: We've suggested Orlovsky for Monday Night Football, but if ESPN doesn't make that move, FOX should look into poaching him.

Chris Long: If you read Traina Thoughts, you know I'm a big fan of Long's, who has written pieces for, but this is a legit suggestion. Long's personality would make him an instant hit with viewers. 

2. Alex Bregman's fiancé played a pretty fantastic prank on him Monday. I won't give you spoilers, but wait for Bregman's hilarious jump back after she gets him.

3. Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt and Peter Schrager hilariously took on the ridiculous backgrounds we're seeing from sports reporters around the country these days while they do live hits from their homes.

4. A 93-year-old Pennsylvania woman made a plea for more beer so she could get her vitamins. Molson Coors came through for her and us, because we got this much-needed video to put a smile on our faces.

5. The latest episode of the SI Media Podcast features an interview with ESPN legend Bob Ley. Can a sports network cover the coronavirus crisis without being political? Has he had the itch to return to work to cover what's going on in the world? How will sports change after the pandemic? Will stadiums be packed in 2020? What old game would Bob like to see a network air? What is his favorite SportsCenter blooper? Plus Bob offers movie, TV and book recommendations while self-quarantining.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

6. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: "I did not know before I got married that every single day of my life, after I got married, I would be discussing the tone in my voice."

Since many of you have been cooped up with significant others for the past several weeks, I thought you'd appreciate this bit by Jerry Seinfeld on the importance of tone.

7. SPORTS HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Brett Favre throwing one of his vintage terrible interceptions in the 2009 NFC Championship game between the Vikings and Saints made for a tremendous radio call from Minnesota's local radio team.

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