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1. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport announced over the weekend that he would be off the air for two weeks because of a suspension from his superiors.

Rapoport revealed he posted something to his social media channels without authorization from NFL Network. What could he have possibly posted to get such a harsh penalty? It had to be something pretty bad for the network to sideline its top reporter in the middle of the season when news is constantly breaking thanks to COVID-19.

It turns out, Rapoport posted an ad for Manscaped, a men's grooming company that sells electric trimmers for the intimate part of a man's body.

So now the question is, did Rapoport anger his bosses because he went rogue on an ad or did the bosses get mad because Rapoport was promoting a company that sells a product called the "lawn mower" for a man's crotch? Would Rapoport have received the same suspension if he were promoting a car company or a fast food restaurant or a specific beer?

The answer is most likely yes. But by making this whole thing public, NFL Network has completely thrown its top insider under the bus and will now guarantee that Rapoport will be inundated on a daily basis with comments about pubic hair trimming. 

Sure, it may die down after some time, but it's still always going to be a thing.

If NFL Network has a policy about talent promoting products and posting ads on social media and Rapoport violated that policy, he should be reprimanded. 

To me, a two-week suspension seems absurd. Even more absurd, though, is that Rapoport issued an apology on Twitter, which then led to the specifics becoming public.

2. We always like to give props to athletes who are honest, so we tip our cap to the Lakers' Kyle Kuzma for this quote during his postgame press conference last night: "Like, I'm half drunk right now from all the champagne, so I don't know how to act exactly."

3. Steelers rookie wideout Chase Claypool scored four touchdowns in a win against the Eagles yesterday, but his best moment came after the game when he posted this.

4. Baker Mayfield has revealed the secret to the Browns' success this season.

5. Jim Nantz set up Tony Romo pretty good here.

6. The latest episode of the SI Media Podcast features a conversation with author, reporter and podcast host James Andrew Miller.

Miller, who wrote epic books about ESPN and Saturday Night Live, talks about whether NFL ratings this year will have an impact on TV rights negotiations, how the pandemic could affect the NFL's TV contracts, whether ESPN will keep pursuing Peyton Manning for Monday Night Football, how ESPN has handled social justice issues the past few weeks, the return of Saturday Night Live, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Howard Stern's reported new deal with SiriusXM and much more.

You can listen to the podcast below or download it on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play.

7. RANDOM VIDEO OF THE DAY: This might be the best (NSFW) Tony Soprano imitation I've ever heard.


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